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postPerspective: Why Achieving Realism in VFX Is Important
FutureWorks By FutureWorks
24th Jul 2023

VFX supervisor Gouri Shankar explains Why achieving realism in VFX is so important in his latest article for postPerspective.

FutureWorks postPerspective article realism in VFX

“Creating realistic VFX can be just as complex a task as delivering big, bold effects because it requires a deep understanding of how to trick the human eye into believing exactly what it sees. Anything that doesn't appear to be authentic on-screen immediately distracts the viewer from the story. Audiences should be unaware of the VFX that they're watching, and to accomplish that, we need to seamlessly incorporate the real with the digital. This takes a level of nuance and attention to detail unlike any other type of VFX.”

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