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Kaneez Chagani, Business Affairs Manager
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8th Aug 2023

FWX Talent Spotlight

At FutureWorks, we want to celebrate not only the projects we work on but the people who make it all possible. This time, we caught up with Kaneez Changani, Business Affairs Manager, to chat about her background, her role at FutureWorks, industry changes she's seen in the course of her career.

Why did you join FutureWorks?

I always wanted to be a part of the media industry, but what really excited me was post-production. I wanted to know what makes a movie look so glamorous on screen, the art and technology of it all – DI, VFX, Sound. FutureWorks was offering the opportunity to get involved with the full range of their services, it was simply too good to miss. In my interview with Gaurav Gupta, FutureWorks Managing Director & Founder, he stressed the importance of collaboration and nurturing talent to ensure the success of the organization. The company's values and exciting projects made me decide to join.

Can you describe your role?

I manage a wide range of responsibilities, from identifying the orgnization's recruitment needs, evaluating performance and training, managing the employee compensation matrix, administrating employee benefits, and much more. Essentially, I contribute to the entire life cycle of every employee who joins FutureWorks from day one. I usually spend my day responding to employee queries and getting in touch with potential applicants via the job portal. It's a lot of responsibility, but I love what I do.

What is the most rewarding part of your job, and why?

The most rewarding part of my job is helping the people around me grow in their careers. My role is directly involved with employees' professional development, which has a direct impact on the organization's growth. With tools like performance reviews, feedback and surveys, I collect valuable information that guides improvement plans, both for employees and the company. When I see the intern I hired receive a rising star of the month, I know I supported them well.

What are you proudest of since joining FutureWorks?

There have been many new projects I have led regarding human resources information systems – we have the top market rankings for rewards & recognition; reviews & feedback; internal communication; and leave & attendance management. In my 15-year career, this is the only organization I have worked for that goes all-out to ensure the employees have everything they need at their fingertips. To be a part of making that happen is something I'm incredibly proud of.

What changes have you seen in the industry since you started your career?

As someone who stays on top of industry trends, I'd say the VFX industry has been very dynamic in the last few years. The increasing global demand has made VFX a very competitive industry. I don't just mean talent, but high-end hardware and software to realize the ever-changing needs of audience taste. It's both high-pace and fascinating to see what that competition brings out in terms of art and what we do to maintain that high-quality bar.

What do you think the future looks like?

The future definitely looks bright. The growth of the VFX industry is visible not just in big-ticket projects but also in the number of young bright incoming talent who are choosing it as a career path. The opportunity to guide that talent and see them grow in such a nurturing and collaborative environment as FutureWorks is inspiring.

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