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80 Level features FutureWorks’ Managing Director, Gaurav Gupta
FutureWorks By FutureWorks
3rd Mar 2023

Gaurav Gupta started FutureWorks in January 2008 after noticing the opportunities for digital services that came with the big shift towards digitization in the film industry around that time. VFX, CGI, and animation industry platform 80 Level has published a deep dive about our company and the Indian VFX market.

“We anticipated that in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, the quality of TV had to really step up,” says Gaurav Gupta, Managing Director, FutureWorks. “As a result, we prepared for TV shows increasingly being made in a similar way to feature films, with post-production work such as color grading, which wasn't the case before. From early on, we knew we wanted to focus on feature films and entertainment media.”

FutureWorks 80 Level Gaurav Gupta feature

“India creates and consumes a huge amount of content. Demand for VFX in India is only increasing, as it is in other places around the world. This is thanks in part to the recent successes of Indian directors such as Ayan Mukerji and S. S. Rajamouli, who have designed their storytelling using fantastic visual effects. We see more and more projects embracing this opportunity, and Indian audiences are responding to this.”

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FutureWorks Managing Director on the Company's Culture & Indian VFX Market

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