Case Study
Using VFX expertise to bring Netflix’s ‘Jaane Jaan’ to life


Jaane Jaan was the most watched non-English movie on Netflix worldwide during its opening week from September 18-24 2023. The film had the single biggest opening weekend viewership for an Indian movie. The murder mystery, set amidst the stunning landscapes of Darjeeling and Kalimpong, East India, posed a captivating challenge. Collaborating closely with director Sujoy Ghosh, our team turned his vision into a compelling narrative filled with tension and drama.


Project: Jaane Jaan
Client: Netflix
Service: VFX

We joined the Jaane Jaan project during the editing stage, entering the scene when the shoot was already underway. Seamlessly integrating into the post-production process, we became an invaluable partner

Our team, led by VFX Supervisor Vinay Chuphal and Compositing Supervisor Prasad Patel, played pivotal roles in delivering world-class VFX shots that blended seamlessly with the captivating color palette.

A significant 60% of the shots were filmed on green screen sets, adding complexity to the project. Through multiple meetings with the director, production designer Rajesh Choudhary, and Director of Photography Avik Mukhopadhyay, we ensured alignment in the project's vision. Collaboration with the on-set supervisor facilitated a smooth transition of shoot information.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

For the green screen composite, we utilized Digital Matte Paints, with main outdoor market shots utilizing 3D models created in Autodesk Maya. The final compositing was carried out in Foundry's Nuke, while fog elements were generated in Houdini.

All of this VFX work was managed inside ShotGrid, ensuring immediate access to published data for our artists, regardless of their location in any of the three cities where FutureWorks VFX operates.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

The complexity and size of the VFX challenge become evident when considering the set's size and the extensive work required for extension. The green screen studio set consisted of the actor's house, a lane, and a small market. Everything beyond that needed post-production extension to make the scene appear larger.

Part of the creative brief involved using VFX to heighten suspense and mystery. Setting the story in a small hill town in the east of India was a strategic choice, but additional elements were needed. To introduce fog into the scene, the decision was made to create it in post-production due to the challenges of on-set fog. To solve the issue and maintain continuity, we added the fog in post to give misty and suspenseful elements to the storyline.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Overcoming technical challenges is inherent in working on ambitious projects like Jaane Jaan. “FutureWorks prides itself on facing these hurdles head-on, collaborating with all decision-makers, and finding solutions that work for everybody,” Gaurav Gupta, FutureWorks Co-founder.

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