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Introducing the FutureWorks Color Look Studio
FutureWorks By FutureWorks
6th Nov 2023
FutureWorks Color Look Studio
Image Courtesy of FutureWorks Media

FutureWorks has evolved into a dynamic imaging studio, where color, cameras, lenses, and VFX play mutually pivotal roles. With over a decade of dedicated exploration and development in imaging, our primary objective is to support cinematographers and directors in realizing their creative visions.

Recognizing the significance of color management from our early days, we have successfully integrated it across the entire post-production pipeline. Today, our expertise extends to understanding various display and color technologies, alleviating the technical burdens associated with digital cameras and changing delivery mediums, and allowing artists to unleash their creativity. We serve as a bridge between technology and art, navigating the transition from traditional photographic processing to the evolving landscape of digital image processing.

Uniting our color services with our camera rental division we have enabled seamless integration of our DIT services for handling data and delivering color-balanced dailies to editorials.As demanded by our platform clients we've successfully developed and implemented simultaneous monitoring of HDR and SDR on-set. Collaborating with cinematographers for onset look development, we've designed a flexible workflow tailored to the most challenging production requirements.

In continuation of the above, we have now launched a Look Studio built right inside our Color Facility. This production studio will serve as a creative hub, where solutions are tested, integrated, and perfected before being deployed on location. The studio floor has an efficient Design, 35' x 20' overall production space with 14' Height to Full Ceiling Grid. The Studio features fully equipped live grading carts and data management setups connected to the main color grading suites in the same facility. Cinematographers can test cameras, lenses, and build Looks and LUTs alongside Colorists. They can check their captured tests on DCI Projection, HDR and SDR broadcast monitors right inside the Baselight color grading suites. This facility ensures thorough testing of the entire color workflow, from capture, data, conform, grade and finally mastering and QC.

Investing in training and deploying colorists alongside cinematographers, coupled with trained imaging technicians on location, has yielded positive results for FutureWorks. We continue to push the boundaries of imaging, providing comprehensive solutions that blend technical excellence with creative freedom.

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