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Gaurav Gupta returns to the VFX Voice roundtable for 2024
FutureWorks By FutureWorks
19th Jan 2024

Our Co-founder Gaurav Gupta returned to offer his perspective on the VFX industry ahead of 2024 in the latest edition of the Visual Effects Society's ‘VFX Voice magazine'. Speaking to Chris McGowan, he opens the discussion alongside some of the world's most prominent studio leaders, reflecting on learnings from 2023.

Culture and working conditions were also addressed, in addition to the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in VFX.

"We together need to create better working conditions and a more sustainable model for both artists and studios… We're [also] going to see AI being used everywhere. This is going to be an exciting shift that will democratize tools and access to storytelling, as well as creating a healthier and more competitive environment for content creators at all levels." Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder

To read more into Gaurav's conversation with VFX Voice and his thoughts on the industry ahead of the next year, click here.

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